The Interventionist

Types Of Interventions

The Process


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4.  Travel arrangements:  We ask that the family arrange for my travel and to prepay for the airline reservations needed for the interventionist.  The following guidelines will help you make the appropriate arrangements to ensure a comfortable and productive intervention environment.

5.  Hotel:  Since families members are more familiar with the appropriate places and locations of hotels in their area, we ask that the family make the hotel reservations.  We prefer a full service hotel with dining facilities on site, located in a convenient and comfortable area.  Single, non-smoking room  is preferred.  Please prepay for all room reservations.

6.  Airline tickets:  Please coordinate flight schedules with the interventionists.  Tickets should be prepaid and delivered directly to:
               Arthur W. Bancroft, CAP, Interventions USA of Florida, 12344 McGregor Woods Circle, Fort Myers, Florida 33908 

7.  Rental Car:  Rental car arrangements will be made by  Interventions USA of Florida.
     Based on an average charge of $65 per day.  The expense deposit will cover rental car expenses.

8.  Meals: Meal costs are based on a per day allowance of $62.  The expense deposit will cover meal expenses.

9.  Escort Services:  If you require the Interventionist to accompany the patient to the treatment facility, an additional fee of $1,000.00 plus expenses is required.

10.  Additional Services / Costs:

Diagnostic Evaluation w/ written summary and clinical recommendations. $250.00

Legal Intervention: Preparation of Involuntary Commitment Petition $250.00

Medical Intervention: Coordination and assistance w/ local hospital for admittance & stabilization prior to travel to alcohol / drug treatment facility $250.00