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An Intervention begins the family’s healing journey from the depths of alcoholism and drug dependence. Interventions USA of Florida is dedicated to providing safe, quality intervention services in a respectful and gentle manner, working with both the families and the alcohol / drug addicted individual.  Many of our financial policies have been established to facilitate the intervention process and to provide a focused environment for the intervention team and families to work together.

The Interventionist

Types Of Interventions

The Process

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1.     We ask that all costs related to the intervention service be paid in full one week prior to the intervention date.  This protects the intervention process from becoming sidetracked by financial issues and strengthens the family’s commitment to the process.
Notice of cancellation of the intervention must be made at least 10 business days prior to the intervention date. Payment of the full intervention cost will be required if cancellation notice is received within those 10 business days prior to the intervention date as the time frame scheduled exclusively for you, and would prohibit making any other commitments for that date(s).

    The cost for an intervention is $3,500.00 plus expenses. Please make all payments to:                A.T.S. Inc.

3.  Deposits:  When a family decides to hire the Professional Interventions of Florida to provide intervention services there are two deposits required to begin full services.
                 Service Deposit - a non-refundable deposit of $500
                 Expense Deposit - a $1,000.00 deposit to cover incidental expenses incurred during the preparation and delivery of the intervention services.  These expenses may include meals, rental car, telephone calls, postage, parking fees, taxis, shipping, etc. 

Balance Due.  The balance of the intervention cost (if any) should be remitted prior one week to the intervention date.