The Interventionist

Types Of Interventions

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An Intervention begins the family’s healing journey from the depths of alcoholism and drug dependence.   Interventions USA is dedicated to providing safe, quality intervention services in a respectful and gentle manner, working with both the families and the alcohol / drug addicted individual.
Day One Arrival: I fly (drive) out of Fort Myers and typically arrive at your destination that afternoon. Your family or "team" is prepared to consult with me that evening. Our preparatory meetings usually takes place at the hotel where I am staying. You will arrange & pre-pay for appropriate lodging.

Day Two Planning Session:
Begins the next morning and lasts all day to provide time for the education of all members view the film "The Intervention" and to prepare and complete various tasks. This is also to assure that we have made all the travel & treatment arrangements that I have recommended and all obsticales have been overcome.

Day Three:
We continue the planning, reviewing the letters that have been written and conducting the rehersal for the intervention.

Day Four: The time of our actual intervention
Shall be organized to coincide with the flight times & scheduled admission to the treatment center. This includes time to allow for adequate "debriefing" of the events of the intervention and for ongoing recommendations. Before my departure from your city, I will establish with you my recommendations for post-intervention follow up.

Trust the process.......what might work......just might work! there are no real volunters!