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About The Interventionist

Chic Bancroft is certified by the Certification Board of Florida as an Addictions Professional.
. Internationaly Certified Addictions Counselor
. Nationaly Certified Addictions Counselor
. MAC = Masters Addictions Counselor
. CCJS = Certified Criminal Justice Specialist
. CHT =  Certified Hypnotherapist 

He is a decorated, retired Senior Chief Petty Officer from the US Navy, a former Navy SEAL with 25 years of active duty, his last duty being the Director of the US Navy Treatment facility for Drugs & Alcoholism for the US Marine Corps at Quantico, Virginia.

"Chic" is a recovering alcoholic with 31 years of continuous sobriety and a product of an intervention himself conducted by the Navy in 1976

He was trained and certified by the Johnson Institute as an interventionist and family therapist in 1981 and has performed numerous successful interventions over his 25 + year career in addiction treatment

He is a preferred interventionist for the Betty Ford Center and Rev. Leo’s Spiritual Concepts and is networked with treatment facilities all over the USA
When someone you care about has an addiction problem...the worst thing you can do is NOTHING!!



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